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Jan 11
A quote about surfing AND meditation?  Instant post.

A quote about surfing AND meditation?  Instant post.

Dec 20

On Coaching and Mindfulness

Élite performers, researchers say, must engage in “deliberate practice”—sustained, mindful efforts to develop the full range of abilities that success requires. You have to work at what you’re not good at. In theory, people can do this themselves. But most people do not know where to start or how to proceed. Expertise, as the formula goes, requires going from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence to conscious competence and finally to unconscious competence. The coach provides the outside eyes and ears, and makes you aware of where you’re falling short. This is tricky. Human beings resist exposure and critique; our brains are well defended.

“Most surgery is done in your head,” Osteen likes to say. Your performance is not determined by where you stand or where your elbow goes. It’s determined by where you decide to stand, where you decide to put your elbow. I knew that he could drive me to make smarter decisions, but that afternoon I recognized the price: exposure.

Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance.

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Also good: an article on “How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes:”

That’s the thing about mindfulness. It seems to slow you down, but it actually gives you the resources you need to speed up your thinking.

The difference between a Holmes and a Watson is, essentially, one of practice. Attention is finite, it’s true — but it is also trainable. Through modifying our practices of thought toward a more Holmes-like concentration, we can build up neural real estate that is better able to deal with the variegated demands of the endlessly multitasking, infinitely connected modern world. And even if we’ve never attempted mindfulness in the past, we might be surprised at how quickly the benefits become noticeable.

Bolding my own.

Jun 11

Jan 30
“A character rich in integrity, maturity, and the Abundance Mentality has a genuineness that goes far beyond technique, or lack of it, in human interaction.”
Stephen Covey.

This quote could have saved Neil Strauss quite a bit of trouble.  Then again, I would’ve never gotten to read The Game.  This quote echoes Bruce Lee, who said “The highest form is no form.  The highest way- no way.”  I believe this is because powerful action is the result of a way of being, rather than a way of thinking.  Being requires action.

Jan 4

Oct 28
I miss my meditation practice.  I’m going to start making more of an effort.

I miss my meditation practice.  I’m going to start making more of an effort.

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Aug 1

Pure Badassery. Yoga style.

May 7

Joe Rogan’s Mystic Experience

I came across two great articles written by comedian and UFC announcer Joe Rogan for his blog.  They detail his experiences in his personal sensory deprivation tank, and are well worth reading.  Do it now.